Fungeons and Flagons

Trade Goods

Various Trade Goods found in the bandit camp:
Divide all values in half to sell. Listed at purchase price.
100Lbs Furs, Unusual/Good Patterns. 40GP
16oz Unusual Perfume. Large Bottle. Sweet Fennel 110GP
2lb Purple Dye. 80gp
3 Barrels Dried Salted Squids. 120gp
10 Chairs, plain. 3GP ea
Rug, large, 25gp
Rug, Huge, ornate, 80gp
-Wrapped in waxed tarpoline from Marque
Tent, Marque. 35gp. (Sleeps 6 with 15′×15′ common area)
1 Wagon
1 Mule
20 Gallon(s) of Drab Olive Dye (worth 4 GP/Gallon) for a total of 80 GP
2 Crate(s) of Dried Meats (worth 40 GP/Crate) for a total of 80 GP
3 Crate(s) of Sugar (worth 100 GP/Crate) for a total of 300 GP
18 Cask(s) of Good Ale (worth 2 GP/Cask) for a total of 36 GP
16 Cask(s) of Gooder Ale (worth 2 GP/Cask) for a total of 40 GP
Remaining gold: 152 GP



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