Fungeons and Flagons

the contract

The contract
The party takes on a contract to hunt down a band of rustlers. Their employer is Ritter vanDebergsen the mayor of Skillet. He wants a herd of cows and a prize stallion colt called Might and Power returned. The party escort a caravan to the town of skillet, it takes 3 days. The outskirts contain many small buildings and corrals. They visit Pimm in a house on the outskirts. He is drunk and his desk is messy. The rustlers contain 4 members, one an Orc. He hands them a chit for 30gp and the party head for a tavern called Long tables. Inside Orantell starts a fight by casting a spell. The antagonists run off. Man comes up and gives information. The constable is too scared to get the rustlers which is led by an ogre. The constable turns up and reprimands Orantell for casting spells and starting a bar fight. Lexine steps in to try and calm the situation. Basket head (still hasn’t given his name ) convinces the constable that Orantell is an evil necromancer and Lexine is under his evil spell and is in fact his bodyguard. The constable tries to arrest Orantell, who runs off out of town. Eventually he gives in and spends the night in jail. They stay at Helger Pimm boarding house for the night.
Riding south the party pass many farms. They eventually enter Swerrin land and set up camp under some trees next to a river. In the morning they reach an area of woods and find an abandoned campsite. They find footprints and follow them. They come across a rocky outcropping and smell of smoke. Around a campfire is several camp beds with a cave opening nearby. An ogre appears with men and attacks the party. After combat ends they enter the cave which turns out to be a well. There is a man down there. Gimbell goes down the well and the party follows, they land on a beach, the man has disappeared. They follow his tracks and find him suspended in the air in the middle of a gelatinous cube. Gimbell gets paralysed by it as does Lexine who also manages to get swallowed by the cube. After dispatching the cube the party enter the next cavern which is filled with many crystals and many tunnels. There is a stone door with glyphs on. Lexine tries to kick the door open, it doesn’t open, she then charges the door and gets flung back. Giant ants appear from another corridor and attack. Half way along another corridor a fissure appears from the roof going up to ground level. There is another cavern ahead that is filled with many hundreds of giant ants and a hive. They backtrack to the magic door. The description says the star and stone opens the door. They climb out of the fissure and reach another campsite with the missing cattle and prize colt. Gimbel and Basket head approach the campsite and find men there. Baskethead goes inside a tent to talk to the men. Outside Gimbell loosens a tent rope, Lexine charges the tent and all go down on top of the inside occupants. They take the men captive and try and calm down the prize colt. It bolts and while Lexine, Flugin , Zena and Orantell take the captives back to town, Gimbell and Basket head go hunting the prize colt. It eventually takes a week for them to run it down and bring it back to town.



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