Fungeons and Flagons

pots of knowledge

pots of knowledge, the Kondkanyagn.
Orantell is in the library, a man is brought to him. This mans brother is missing, his name is Klaus. He hunts pots of knowledge and is lost somewhere in the hills of Yatils near Oskandale. 2 hours out of town there is man with horse stuck in mud, the party help him out. Stop at an inn for the night.
4 days later they come across a stream, there is a shirt in the tree and a camp, it belongs to Klaus. There are sounds of a fight, a dwarf with shovels is cornered by 5 wolves. they help him out and find a cave. investigate the 1st level, nothing. 2nd level they find Klaus, an opal vein and a pot room. It goes dark, dark mantles attack. The party take various pots, creek starts flooding the caves. they escape



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