Fungeons and Flagons

pony town

Back in Eksag it’s ½ Autumn and morning time. A knock sounds at the door. It is various representatives from all the noble houses wishing to speak to the party. Bartz rep speaks to Flugin. They are all having issues over deliveries not arriving from Krestobel. While this conversation is going on Flugin goes outside to preach to the masses. It seems the masses are leading Flugin to a cliff. Lexine goes to supervise (rescue is a such a harsh word) Flugin and bring him back to the safety of the house. The Bartz, Gantz and Ytir family want the party to go to Krestobel and sort out the delivery problems. They must talk to Weissper family when they get there, all transport has been arranged for the party and soon a couch will arrive to pick them up. After much haggling the party gets 4 cure light wounds potions from the reps before they set off.
After 8 days of travel they arrive at Krestobel just as darkness is falling. They are taken to the Silver Saddle. The town is made up of a lot of corrals with some horses acting very disturbed. A group of horses is being dragged out of the stables by hobgoblins who are stealing them. Combat begins. Inside the corral are 3 unconscious human males wearing Tabards of the Weissper house. Wake them up. The party enter the inn and are greeted by cheers from the crowd. It seems horses are a big thing here and we are considered heroes for rescuing them. A huge party commences in the inn with much alcohol being imbibed, strangely, even by the horses that have wandered into the inn.
In the morning the party are requested to attend the Weissper family. Somehow they have picked up a new party when they weren’t looking. Her name is Zena and she is a sorceress who has no memory. They are led to see Haston (brother of the king). He is very worried about his niece Hanne. She is hanging out with an unsavoury character called Karl Husan, whose family happens to be in constant conflict with the king. She is in a town called Yatleskard (50 miles away) which is in the area that the cargo has been going missing. Haston gives us 5 ponies to use for the journey which takes several days.
Yatleskard has a wall with a guard tower attached. The guards tell us Karl Husan is in his manor house which is attached to a barracks. The party head to The Flowers inn ( a den of iniquity) and talk to the owner of the establishment. Hanne is not here as the guards said. Karl Husan is not allowed back in here after what he did to the girls in residence. Seems he is a mean SOB. The madam seems to take offense at Lexine and Flugin trying to turn her clients back to the good side and orders everyone upstairs to talk. Lexine and Flugin refuse to go but seem compelled to do so. Upstairs in the office it seems Hanne is a ctually a spy working for this lady and trying to find out what Karl Husan is really up to. It seems he has been harassing the Garrison Commander Brockenboard.
Visit the town commander. There seems to be various rumours going around about an Orc or Ogre mage on the outskirts of town that might have something to do with the cargo going missing.
The party leaves town by South wall gates and enter an area with ditches with spikes and bodies attached to them. They enter a shanty tent town centered around a main tent. They enter a gambling tent looking for information. Lexine can’t detect evil, something is blocking all her senses and that of the other party members. More rumours abound mainly about ghosts/wights at an old watchtower along with an illusionist. Lexine is approached by Karl Husan himself in a bid to keep her focus occupied elsewhere as she is disturbing the gambling going on. Basket head and Gimbell partake in gambling in a bid to gather information.
The party decide to visit the old watchtower. Lexine kicks in the door and yells surrender. There are 4 men in the room who attack immediately on hearing this. Near the end of the combat a female figure with a whip comes swinging through air and finishes the combat off. This is Hanne and she tells us some information. Karl Husan is definitely doing the dodgies. There is a half orc called Rogo-dus who is associated with him but may be able to be reasoned with into dishing the dirt on Karl. As we have blown Hanne’s cover we must go to the drinking halls and find Rogo-dus and follow him into the Yatel mountains.
The party finds him and follow him into the mountains where Gimbell disables many traps along the way but still manages to set off an alarm. Zena summons a horse and they tie the alarm bells on it and set it free as a distraction. It works. They soon come across a gully with a large camp. They find somewhere to hide/sleep the night away. There are sounds of goblins coming towards the party. 2 Hobgoblins appear and attack from the trees, seems there will be no sleeping tonight. Combat begins. After the hobgoblins go down some goblins appear and attack. Luckily the alarm has not been raised and the party can rest up for the night.
In the morning a few figures are seen moving around the camp, they are bugbears. From the main tent in the circle comes Rogo-dus. Gimbell follows him in an attempt to capture him for information. Rogo-dus eventually notices him and attacks Gimbell who takes flight and heads back to the party. The both meet and talk with Rogo-dus. Lexine smites an evil plant which explodes and slightly damages the party. Apparently Karl Husan has Rogo-dus’s sister Reggie held captive somewhere so that is why he is helping him to try to overthrow the kingdom. If we rescue her Rogo-dus will tell everything to the authorites. The party notices a bird heading back to town, it seems Rogo-dus has been spotted talking to the party and he now fears for his life. Lexine vows to protect him back to town and to the authorites.
Back at town the guards are on alert. There is guard in the ditch aiming a crossbow at Rogo-dus, Lexine jumps in front of him and takes arrow damage. Combat begins between the town guards and the party. An obscuring mist appears from the ditch and seals of half the area from sight. Meanwhile Lexine gets impailed by a guard and goes down very quickly. While Flugin and Rogo-dus frantically try to save her life, Basket head, Gimbell and Zena on the other side of the mist finish off the surrendering guards.
Quick summary—Rogo-dus goes to jail and gets killed in there, Karl Husan and his army move fast and defeat the humanoid Goblin strike party and is looking poised to take over control and the power in Krestobel. The party report back to Haston and get rewarded with war ponies for their effort.



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