Fungeons and Flagons

poisoned towns and death of Wilhem

part 2

Back at Old cat lady town, Lexine finds herself quarantined. In the town Gimble hears town cryers yelling out for anyone with any sort of healing or alchelmical qualifications to make their way to the South gate. He goes and is met by a guard who points him towards the vicinity of the caravan. He is shown to an alchemical table with several alchemists all standing around arguing about if they are getting paid and how much. There are people going around and offering food and drink to the various people in the tent camp and to the people who are sick. Gimble talks to the alchemists who don’t know what to do about the grit that is affecting the villagers. Gimble and another alchemist start unpacking the kits and get to work on trying to find a cure. He inquires on the whereabouts of Lexine and is told she is in a tent being guarded by 2 guards and not allowed out. Wilhem is also in the tent camp overseeing the food and drink and making sure it is all purified and also listening to the other clerics arguing about which god is best at healing. Wilhem eventually joins Gimble and shows him the cog sample. Gimble examines it and determines that it is made by his old master Jon Doe and has his mark on. He wonders what his master has been up to. Wilhem also takes Gimble aside out of the sight of the other alchemists and shows him the tube of poison which Gimble takes a sample of to test. In town Zena is helping with the fire, to put it out or keep it going we cant tell. Back in camp gimble investigates the rest of the poisoned mechanism. He and the other alchemist start testing it and the sample lets out a scream. Lexine hears it and demands to be let out of the tent as it is an evil scream and she must deal with it. The guards blockade her and say they didn’t hear a thing. Outside Gimble continues to experiment and another loud scream surfaces from the sample which can be heard all the way back in town. Lexine now draws her sword and charges past the guards who let her out as they heard it this time and she finds Gimble and wants to know where the evil is. Zena now arrives on the scene and offers to act as a runner for anything the alchemists need. As there is no immediate danger the guards put Lexine back in her quarantine tent which she is not happy about. Zena gets some rats for Gimble to test and the day and night slowly drags on. The next day Lexine is given a board with an s for safe to hang around her neck and is let out of the tent. A letter arrives for Lexine from the Gynarch and orders her to go investigate the last village with all haste. She rounds up her fellow adventurers leaving the testing to done by the one able alchemist and they head off. They come to a junction next to a stream with a dead faun next to it. Gimble and Wilhem test the faun. Yep it is dead. Further up the path they come across dead fish and a body of an orc. That is dead also. Wilhem wants to bury is but Zena burns it instead. They arrive at the village of Kettle. There are a few buildings which the party set about searching and find no sign of life. Inside the mill is a dead body on the toilet. It is obvious he died from the grit. They find a body in the inn. Upstream they find a sawmill and investigate as something is not quite right. There is a terrible smell and Gimbel and his dog find a trapdoor in the floor of the mill. He opens it a strong smell is emanating from it. The dead townsfolk have all been dumped into this hole. They all go down the hole. They hear a noise, see a red glowing evil thing in the hole and the light goes out. Gimble manages to find his way back up and out of the hole. He finds his dog dead, slayed by something but he cant tell what. Wilhems dog seems to have run off. The party downstairs hear an anguished cry and try to find their ways out also but it seems they are stuck in a darkness bubble like one they have encountered before. The red monster is eating its way up through the bodies. Lexine starts hearing voices again. Upstairs the saw has miraculously started up which half of it is in the trap door area. Wilhem finds his way out. Lexine yells at Zena to burn everything, while they are in the there. Lexine finds her way out of the bubble of darkness and climbs out. Zena tries to find her way out and runs into the saw slicing her arm out and nearly bleeding to death. Lexine realises Zena is still down in the pit and selflessly climbs back down to save her. Meanwhile outside Wilhem runs off to look for his dog. He finds it growling and backing away from a troglodyte. Back in the mill Lexine find Zena and carries her out and heals her. Once outside she sees the troglodyte and realises it is the one that she was chasing when she nearly drowned. It is gesturing and controlling the water in the stream and aims a small tsunami at the party and mill. Lexine drops Zena and takes up the chase of the trog. It turns and dives into the stream and swims under the sawmill. She dives into the river after him and sees him dragging the demon spider piggy behind him on a leash. He gets out of the stream, Lexine follows. Meanwhile back at the mill Gimble is building a funeral pyre for his dog and sees what Lexine is doing and starts building another one for her. Wilhem is collecting body parts. The only other person who seems to want the trog is Zena who attack the demon piggy with some magic missiles. Lexine charges to trog who turns and casts something at her. She now stand still and starts babbling incoherently and seems confused. Zena attacks piggy again and it disappears. Lexine under some sort of spell now turns to attack the nearest person which is Wilhem. She charges to attack him but stops mid way and starts babbling again. She now turns and flees in the opposite direction toward the mill. She aske Gimble what happened. Zena says You Paladined. There is now no sign of trog or piggy. They examine the trapdoor again and there is dust on the floor which Zena determines was a summoning circle and this is the source of the poisoning. Gimble now goes back to the village to loot it while Wilhem, Lexine and Zena continue picking up dead bodies and burn them on the pyres that Gimble made. Gimble hears a noise, hides and sees an undead creature which he dispatches and returns to the party. It seems the dead are coming back as undead so the party go into the village to dispose of any corpses they find. They come across the dead guy on the toilet who attacks. Wilhem realising what is happening gets on his dog and rushes to old cat lady town to warn them that the dead are coming alive. He comes across the troglodyte dragging demon piggy along the path. They both stop and eye each other off. Wilhem tries to reason with trog but trog cast a spell and causes a spike wall to appear between them. Wilhem goes around it, trog sets piggy onto him. Wilhem tries to withdraw but the trog continues to attack. He doesn’t want Wilhem to reach the party or the town to warn them of the danger. The fight goes off the main path deep into the forest. Wilhem is hit with a paralysing spell and tackled off his dog and killed. Trog takes Wilhems body and everything he was carrying including the poisoned tube and leaves. Back in the village the rest of the party are drinking and celebrating and mourning the life and death of the village. The next morning they head back to town and talk to the Gynarch. They inform her of the troglodyte. She is very familiar with him as he has been causing havoc everywhere he goes and they have not been able to capture him yet.



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