Fungeons and Flagons

poisoned towns

In Old Cat Lady town, The party received a message that the Gynarch wanted to see them. They attend. 2 people come out, a half elf and a human, they have been summoned also. The Gynarch arrives. She has a very important message from her friend, Mayaheine. Lexine flips out. OMG! OMG! OMG! There is a series of towns that are falling ill with the grit. She wants someone to investigate the matter. The party go to see a tax collector that has recently returned and is now ill. They ask questions of her and then head off to the nearest village. It is located in a swamp and the local fisherman supplies all the food. The village all became ill after eating clams. The party visit the fisherman and finds out where he fishes. They go to a rocky outcrop in the swamp with a tree and a stream coming through a small opening in a cave. Investigate the tree, it is poisoned, a dead bird is near the stream. Owlbear head/Cree dissects it and it has been poisoned too. Investigate the hole more closely. Cree rapels down the hole, finds a fake plaster wall, bashes it down and sees a light source in the distance. Lexine finds another entrance in a ravine. They go down and find a black cloth covering a machine/waterwheel. It has a timing mechanism that is cutting off something which then drops into the water system, it seems this machine is poisoning this part of the stream. Dismantle mechine and take the timing mechanism which has something that looks like gnome language etched onto it. They leave and show the black cloth to the Wilhem’s dog so it gets the scent of whoever left it there. They move on to the next village. They travel through a mountain pass and notice pebbles being dropped on them. They stop and see nothing, continue on and more pebbles are dropped on them. Lexine tries climbing up the mountain, a boulder falls and narrowly misses her, she sees an Earth Elemental sticking out of the mountain. She climbs back down and throws a javelin at it. The party run and it disappears behind them. In Gas town thee is a haze over the town. This town supplies other towns with gas bottles that are used for lighting in more well-to-do houses. It appears there is gas in the water supply which is being investigated. The party convince the town authorities that they are here to sort it out and show the appropriate paperwork stating this. Several weeks ago a gnome like figure draped in a cape and using a cart bought many bottles of gas from the town and then disappeared. They tie off a rope and Wilhem goes down the well. He finds a fake wall and goes back up the well as he is not strong enough to break through the plaster. Lexine strips out of her armour and ties off and goes down the well and breaks through the plaster wall. She finds a machine that seems to be dropping poison into the well. She tries to dismantle it but instead breaks the machine and poison erupts from the machine, drenching her, the well and the water supply. She goes back up the well, and the town guards clean her off, and she is purified. Now that the water supply is definitely tainted with poison, the party spend several days purifying the well, the water and digging through the mud at the bottom of the well to make amends. They look at the machine more closely now and find a lizard/reptile tail. They take it. Lexine looks inside the machine and find the reptile bolted down inside the machine, it was trained to hit a syringe that released the poison. She puts it out of its misery as there is no way to release it. They go back down the mountain path and encounter the earth elemental again. It is not happy with them and won’t let them pass. Wilhem and Lexine give it some gold and it lets them pass. Seems it is a bandit and is extracting gold or gems as a toll on anyone who passes that way. It must be dealt with later and there is a more pressing matter to deal with. They go back to Old Cat Lady town and report to the Gynarch and tell her what they have found so far. As the approach the city they see several parts of it on fire but under control. The Gynarch reports that women and children and dying in the towns leaving only the strong behind. The party head off to the last town One Fjord. They come across a caravan of people coming from the town. It is being led by a cleric of St. Cuthbert. They are all sick. Wilhem races back to Old Cat Lady Town to prepare an emergency tent town where the caravan can be quarantined. Lexine stays with caravan to offer any help she can. They arrive at the tent town and she finds out she is now included in the quarantine and must stay there for 4 weeks or until she is cleared from poison by the local clerics.



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