Fungeons and Flagons

Owlbear Bandits of Beatups

Non like it feathery

On returning to Exag the group finds a large hamlet in cleanup mode after bandits, or was it bears attacked the town.

Using the hunting dog to track the strong owlbear scent the group finds an owlbear warren on the hill near town. Upon investigation they find the bears patrolling the area, and through harrowing combats they come out, scratched but better. Till the apparent wrangler of these beasts ambushes the group. Once in melee BASKETHEAD OWLBEARHEAD and Gimbles dog keep the poor man pinned to the ground.

Arcturus free’s his pony from the Entangling spell and after regaining his mount attempts to flank, finding the last owlbear (also trying to flank the party). A wrestle ensues and Arcturus manages to get the owlbear over the gorge cliffs, riding the soon-to-be-husk like a sled to a halt. Arcturus rests, winded and clutching to consciousness, beside a bleeding carcass.

Inside a cave near the top of the hill the party finds a cave, a mauled bear pelt, and loot from various plunderings. (Each member of the party gets 300GP each, those attending already have this)



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