Fungeons and Flagons

mine time

there is an old man being mugged by a young guy. Jamar is his name, the young guy wanted a map. He takes us to his master who lost all his money. It is in an old run down house behind the Gartz house. Master Auldon wants to establish his family trade. He owns a mine and wants us to investigate it. It is a 4 day journey.
1 day into travel they stop at an inn. A bearded gnome goes inside, someone comes out to fight in a barn. There are 3 orcs trying to steala cow and 2 orcs stealing chooks. 1 other turns to fight the guy, his name is Astin, he is a ranger.
2 days they come across some burial sites which have looted. 2 miles south is a mine and a barn. inside the barn they find a parchment and a trap door..Go down the trap door and enter a corridor. There is a chamber with moaning coming from a hole. There is a chamber with sarcophagi and skeletons. They find a body with a book under the sarcophagi chute. Another room, 6 corridors. Pedestals in rooms, magic necklace which Gimbell finds. They exit the mine and are ambushed. Return to town



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