Fungeons and Flagons

lizard village

Back in town the party are doing various activities. They meet at an inn where a bard is playing, she joins the party. The Gynarch hosts a party and knights Lexine. A man approaches Gimmel, his people need help, they are being att cked by lizard people. The follow him back to his village which is a druid village. They go to the other side of the marsh where the village is located. On the way they come across shocker lizards. They enter the lizard village, where Lexine almost gets eaten by a crocodile and they set several huts on fire before finding a troll eating a hostage. They kill it with fire and come across the main temple. They enter and find a woman on an altar being sacrificed. They stop the man about to kill her and his accomplice and take him back to town for justice. They return the woman to the druids village and stay for a celebration. Zena activates Dewmaker but it doesnt work so she keeps trying it over and over again. Unknown to her it is actually working but being drained by the druids grove and redistributed into the grove making everyone else very drunk. Arcturus talks Lexine into summoning a demon to try and rid her of her demon cursed dagger. They are both drunk and try to go through the process of drawing a summoning circle but are interrupted by a giant worm. Cree goes off to do some stuff for the druids which involves killing someone while Gimbel is trying to find out about him being pregnant from the druid lady he slept with. Zena continues to try Dewmaker and doesnt understand why its not working but laughing at all the drunk people at the same time. In the morning Lexine has lost access to her god in punishment for trying to summon a demon and all her her powers. They go back to town and join a caravan travelling back to Extag. They act as bodyguards. They come across a white dragon who breaks apart the caravan and starts eating its cargo of fish. They try to fight it, and after a lengthy battle it disappears and they continue on into town and back home. Everyone goes about their own business while Arcturus feeling a bit guilty watches over Lexine while she prays at the church all day and asks for forgiveness from Mayaheine and the gods. To get access back to her god she must perform a great act of heroism against an evil creature and atone for her sin of trying to summon a demon. She goes to the graveyard and notices no one is being buried as it is too cold to bury anyone so she goes to the local undertaker and sits watch over the dead bodies hoping some will come back to life as undead so she can kill them.



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